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engine problems

  1. wirefoxzoo

    2022 Ram 1500

    Hi everyone. I have a 2022 Ram 1500 with 12,300 miles. It has the 5.7 Hemi. I brought it in to the dealership because I had a ticking noise from the engine that was getting louder. A week goes by they call me and tell me that it needs the camshaft, lifters, and right side cylinder head replaced...
  2. SirHempCo

    Engine Stalled: Shifter Autocorrect while driving

    On my 2021 I've been having an issue lately. While driving sometimes when I come to a stop and go to accelerate the engine shuts off. The message on the dashboard is shifter autocorrect. This shouldn't happen as I am in Drive and stopping at a stop sign for a few seconds then accelerating...
  3. J

    Major Electrical issues

    Brand new 2019 1500 major electrical issues All happened under 2000 miles 1 backup camera has green lines running through the screen like a dropped flat screen tv fixes itself then appears again 2 engine died while turning through an intersection into traffic ... had to fully stop shift to...