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engine died

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    2021 RAM1500 lost engine power while driving

    Hey guys, just want to come on here and check if anyone else has experienced something similar. This past weekend while I was driving in the neighborhood at around 25 miles/h the truck with only 7k miles on it lost engine power on me. Right when I was making a left turn, I felt the engine has...
  2. D

    5th Gen Ram 1500: The $65,000 truck that will end up costing you much more

    Long time reader, first time posting. I was looking for a new truck in early 2018 when Ram announced the new redesign of their entire truck series. I ended up placing a factory order on the 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. After multiple factory delays, I ended up getting my truck 5+ months later. At...
  3. M

    2019 Rebel engine died while driving

    I have a 2019 Rebel, was driving up a county highway yesterday in central NY when the engine shut off. It was in mid-20’s with some moisture on the road. Truck had been parked outside due to having Krown undercoating applied a few days earlier. I started the engine from the key fob approx 10...
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    Major Electrical issues

    Brand new 2019 1500 major electrical issues All happened under 2000 miles 1 backup camera has green lines running through the screen like a dropped flat screen tv fixes itself then appears again 2 engine died while turning through an intersection into traffic ... had to fully stop shift to...