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dash speaker

  1. D

    2021 Ram improved dash speakers?

    Bought 2 pairs of Infinity Reference 3032CFX to replace the three dash speakers in my 21' Big Horn 1500 with Alpine. Swapped the speakers out and was expecting a significant improvement. To our surprise, neither wife and I noticed anything different. I took a closer look at the OEM speakers, and...
  2. accupulse1

    Installed JBL 3.5" up front

    I went with a set of JBL GX328 3.5" for the front dash and center speakers. They are 3.5 ohms which is as close to the original speakers I could find. The sound difference is dramatic with a much more pronounced high end sound. Found on Amazon for $44. !! I have 1 JBL GX328 speaker and...
  3. Bee7_ivan

    Could these be the better dash speakers?

    Hello everyone! I have seena lot of people replacing dash speakers with infinitys 3.5. Some love it Some say they are too bright Some say it take power from the door speakers. for those that know deep into car audio know these two brands has anyone ran these...
  4. G

    How to remove driver's side dash speaker

    I have a rattle in what I think is the dash speaker on the driver's side. Is this easy to remove and inspect or should I go to the dreaded dealer?