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  1. M

    Aftermarket bumpers with 2019 Ram 1500 Sport

    Hey y’all, so I have the Sport Appearance Package on my truck (painted front grill and bumper) but I’m wanting to put in the Fab Four Matrix bumper. They say it won’t fit but has anyone tried can it be made to fit? I’m at a loss cause there’s so few bumpers that appear to fit the Sport model.
  2. skylarfaucett

    New member here! ( looking to trade black front and rear bumper for my chrome)

    Hey all, thanks for adding me to the group! adding a 2 in mopar lift and some new rims/tires to my 2019 bighorn soon... looking to find someone that wants my chrome bumpers for their black bumpers... might be a long-shot but thought i would ask! located in the beautiful RIOT CITY of...