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  1. S

    Etorque shudder and vibration

    Right after taking my 2021 big horn with 3.6L etorque off the lot, I noticed a shudder feeling when decelerating. It always happens at 20mph, but only if you slow down from above 45mph. If you slow down from 35 mph, it won’t do it. The dealer said it was normal after trying to diagnose, and...
  2. thabiiighomie

    Truck BRAKES itself while in reverse with tailgate DOWN. How can I disable this?

    My truck BRAKES automatically when I try to go in reverse with the tailgate down (like when I had a 4’ x 7’ piece of plywood in my bed today). I needed to back out of a driveway and it would not allow me to do it. Couldn’t believe it lol. Had to take out all the different wood I had back there...