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  1. A

    Abs vacuum hissing noise

    I have a 21 1500 5.7 non etorque. It drives and brakes fine but each time I have the brake pedal pushed in and then release I hear a very noticeable loud hissing from the vacuum pump for a few seconds after lifting off the brake pedal, I hear it each time I let off the pedal. No lights on the...
  2. GaCop42

    Brake Controller

    I just pulled my camper for the first time with my 2500 this past weekend. Before I had a 1500 with a brake controller box, so I’m new to the brake controller that comes built into the dash. My camper dry weight is 5400, I’m towing less than 6000. I gradually increased the brakes and got to 10...
  3. E

    Passenger side brake line

    Hey all, Search didn't yield any results so I'm hoping someone can chime in here for me... I have a 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie and today while driving back home I encountered one of those transitions in the pavement where it goes from "new" asphalt to the stuff that is being repaired. So not a hard...
  4. Evank33

    Euro taillight

    I saw a video of a Ram in Germany and noticed the led taillights illuminated differently. Top light was only the brake light and the bottom was only the turn signal. I'm interested if I'm able to do this with alfaobd on my truck and what settings I'd have to change for this to work
  5. J

    Key Fob Not Detected - new LEDs were causing it.

    I had changed out the bulbs in my 3rd brake light and cargo lights in the top rear of the cab last night. I noticed last night that the key would not work in my pocket anymore and I had to have the key almost next to the ignition. This morning I tried it a couple of more places and had the same...
  6. R

    Park & Traction Light On?

    Hi, New here and just want to know if anyone has had this issue? My Traction & Patk Brake Light are coming on every time I drive now. Just came on outta the blue, no changes to anything. Still have cruise control too. Any help much appreciated. 11 Ram 1500 4.7l ST 4WD Quad Cab 89k
  7. thabiiighomie

    Truck BRAKES itself while in reverse with tailgate DOWN. How can I disable this?

    My truck BRAKES automatically when I try to go in reverse with the tailgate down (like when I had a 4’ x 7’ piece of plywood in my bed today). I needed to back out of a driveway and it would not allow me to do it. Couldn’t believe it lol. Had to take out all the different wood I had back there...