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bds coilover

  1. jan_riefkohl

    BDS 2” Coilover Leveling Kit with 295/70R18

    I’m making this thread since I haven’t seen anyone talking about this kit. The 1664F comes preset to 2” of lift but can reach 2.5” safely, fox recommends not to go above that. They perform perfectly at 2.5” but you might get spring bind at 3”. Heard back from Fox that the full 3” will not cause...
  2. P

    Fab Tech or BDS

    So on Dec 19th 2020, I purchased the BDS 6” coilover lift kit with the fox 2.5 adjustable shocks and the upgraded UCA’s. I STILL don’t have it more than 3 months later. I contacted BDS and they say they have had most of the kit for weeks now and are just waiting on fox to get them the shocks...