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  1. Djt2471

    Short circuited with my subs and now I have no sound

    I messed up could anyone help me out I was redoing the wiring on the 2 Skar 500watt subs and 1000watt amp on a 2019 Ram 1500 Big horn with 8.4 inch display, I had the back seat up had all of the wires twisted for the line out converter tied together and had covers on all but the pig tailed I...
  2. Jake1050

    Please help me with ANC and new speakers install.

    I've installed so many speakers and head units on so many of my cars but nothing this complicated. I want to replace all 6 speakers ( No factory amp or sub ). But I've heard that even replacing the speakers the ANC can cause problems so I'm prepared to deal with that. I bought this harness...
  3. djevox

    ANC removed for 2022 Alpine system?

    I just put a sub and amp in my 2022 Laramie with the nine speaker alpine system. I noticed that I only have two microphones in the headliner, but according to every wiring diagram I can find on the Alpine system, I should have ANC. Does anybody know if the microphone locations moved for 2022...