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air filter

  1. R

    Best 4" lift for factory air ride

    I recently purchased 22x14 fuel rebels with 33" nitto ridgegrapplers and I'm looking for best quality 4"lift for my 19 Ram 1500 with Air ride. Ive looked and can't decide what is better. Most likely won't be doing any off reading tho I would go thru some mud. I read about all the issues guys...
  2. JackWaggon

    A little Before and After under the hood

    The other day I decided to finally install some items I received for Christmas. Added a UPR oil catch can, and a AEM drop in filter. Also cleaned up the engine bay a little bit. Not overly sure that the catch can is going to change much, but it sure does look pretty.
  3. G

    K&N Drop In Filter

    All, I just got a new 2019 1500 Limited and like I do with every new truck I get, I put in a K&N air filter. The truck now has 500 miles on it and with the air filter I have noticed a degrade in MPG. I put it in at about 300 miles and I have notices 21 MPH on the highway and about 13 in the...