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air dam

  1. P

    Removed air dam and now feel vibrations underneath floorboard

    Hey guys, per my title, I removed the air damn and the electronic air dam (left on the motors for now) and when I hit around 65+ MPH, I feel vibrations coming from underneath and can feel it all through my pedal as well. My question is this..has this happened to anyone else and found a fix? I...
  2. Hemibeast21

    2021 Trimmed Valance

    Hey Folks I removed my retractable air dam and my valance. Didn't fully like the way the truck looked without any valance so I trimmed it. Attached a few pics in case someone was interested in seeing what it would look like...
  3. mnu12348

    Active air dam removal

    I removed my active air dam and plastic air dam. I love love love the look and extra ground clearance and if anyone needs one let me know, located in suffolk, VA and can travel. But one thing i couldnt help but notice is the front of the motor is pretty exposed. Anyone have any skid plate...
  4. J

    My Little Tweaks

    Hi Guys, I figured I would post some of what I did to my 2020 Ram here. I found a lot of useful information on this site and wanted to give a bit back. Hope it helps. Just a bit of background, I owned a 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn that I purchased new. It had the standard list of Bughorn options on...
  5. K


    Can anyone advise the part numbers for the oem air dam and hardware on the DT RAMS? previous owner removed it on my truck and I’m looking to put one back on for my aesthetic purposes. Example attached.
  6. T

    Air dam

    Is there a way to manually deploy the front air dam? I would like to measure it and create a decal. I’m thinking a simple color change or “MOVE OVER” (backwards, so readable in rear view mirror).
  7. V

    Active air dam / grill shutters disabling?

    Anyone know if you can turn the active air dam and grill shutters off in the UConnect system? There are a lot of chunky rocks where i live and don't want to risk damaging the air dam even if it does go up when it hits something. Also it would be nice to be able to close the grill shutters when...