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air bags

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    2021 RAM 1500 Big Horn w/ Off-Road Package - Wheel Fitment

    Hi All, I’m new to the RAM family - I just bought a used 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn, Night Edition, with the “Off-Road Package”. One thing that’s not clear to me is the stock suspension setup. I have coils in the front and coils in the rear - but with an air(?) bag underneath the rear coils. When I...
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    - HELP - Dashboard Airbag Removal

    I purchased a 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie from the auction recently and finally got to fixing things. One of the issues I am currently running into is the reparation of the Passenger Dash Air Bag - How do I go about accessing it? Also, because that airbag went off, I have a large hole in my...
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    Suspension Enhancement to Air Suspension

    2019 Limited 6-4", 5.7 e-Tq, 3.92 e-Locker, 4WD, KO2s at 49-55lbs. Can one effectively upgrade the factory air suspension? Add a Hellwig, or further support the truck for heavier towing (don't want a full discussion going on towing weights, payload, capacities please, been there, done that)...
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    Using both WDH and airbags

    I have a 21 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel North Edition with 3.92. I tow a 25 ft total length, 5800 lb travel trailer (probably about 7k loaded). I tow my TT about 20k miles a year. I’ve been using a Recurve WDH since I bought this particular camper a few months ago. Attached, my truck sits slightly lower...
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    Airlift 1000 setup for off road

    I tow a 7,000 lb. TT but have been wanting to do a king mid travel setup. These two things don’t easily go together. I have run the airlift 1000s before and loved the setup but I was worried about the bags dropping and being damaged when the suspension droops down while offroad. This puts me in...
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    2WD Rear coil spring suspension

    I don't like the deep bounce when I am towing my travel trailer. I installed the Air Lift bags in my coil springs. I would like a system that is more substantial. What do you recommend?