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  1. I

    Ram rebel grill

    Hi, guys hope y’all have a good memorial weekend. I got a question, I have a 2020 ram 1500 bighorn and want to install a rebel grill. All the aftermarket rebel grills are for the 4th gen 1500s. Do I have to order the grill on Mopar and will it fit on a non rebel truck ? Thanks
  2. GadgetMason

    Post your Aftermarket links!

    OK folks, you can redirect me to an actual post somewhere if it exists. However, I have not seen one yet. I am looking for folks to post aftermarket links for places you have purchased items for your fifth generation ram! Additionally, if you have a stash of links you have already created...
  3. H

    ‘19 RAM Rebel Light Bar Issues

    Has anyone had any issues when tapping into the fog lights to power a light bar and the light bar illuminating when turning left?
  4. Sjblanar07

    FP Performance LED headlights

    Has anyone tried these FP Performance OE style LED headlights? Any good? I am looking for something that won’t break the bank but be brighter than the stock halogen and (obviously) look a little more appealing. Here is a link to the headlights...
  5. F

    2021 Ram 1500 ecoDiesel oil filter ripoff

    This filter is only available at the dealer at a cost of over $100.00. This is a cheap, plastic fliter that has a paper filter inside. I bought their last one. REALLY? This is my first RAM product. While I like the truck , I wonder what other surprises await me. I have heard about the total lack...
  6. firemedic3404

    Any bumper updates???

    So now that some time has gone by, I was wondering if anyone has bitten the bullet and bought an aftermarket bumper for their rebel. I've searched and all of the threads seem to be outdated. I've checked around online and most sites still say that their bumpers won't fit Rebels. Please post pics...
  7. KP_98

    What should I upgrade/add to my RAM?

    I have a 2020 Billet Silver RAM with the HEMI and Off-Road package, and I’m not sure what to upgrade/add next. I have a set of running boards (in black) and the bumpers, grill, mirrors, door handles are paint matched.