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  1. peek

    Active Park Assist hit another vehicle

    Hey dudes, a week ago my 2022 RAM 1500 decided to hit another vehicle while using the active park assist. I used it many times before without any issues, this time the RAM reversed into the parking space so fast that neither the emergency brake assistant nor I could intervene. The emergency...
  2. 187penguin

    Question about frame damage and insurance

    So I got rear ended. Their insurance (GIECO) assumed full liability and my truck is at the shop. It’s a ‘21 1500 Big Horn 3.6L Etorque 4x4 that just hit 55k miles. I’ve been driving for over 20 years and this is my first accident. I’m dealing with the insurance company and it’s uncharted...
  3. flameredram

    Moron contractor hit my truck with a skid loader (video)

    Thank god for security cameras. A landscape contractor working across the street managed to "ram " (pun intended) his skid loader into the skid plate of my brand new Rebel, see attached video. After that, him and his 4 other pals covered it up and never bothered to tell me or the neighbor who...
  4. R

    FCW Caused Accident! - Forward Collision Warning Malfunction?

    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has had this issue. It resulted in a bad accident for me on the freeway yesterday. I was in moderate to heavy traffic, and I was merging lanes from a congested lane to an open lane. As I was merging into the open/clear lane at ~20mph, I’m not sure if the car in...