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  1. G

    Requesting Possible Issue Problem & Resolution Sets - Defrost / Vent Issue - 27 August 2021

    27 August 2021 Requesting Possible Issue Problem & Resolution Sets? I have a RAM 1500, 5.7, Crew Cab, 2019, with 17000miles. (Yes, still under warrantee, but Service (twice) has not been able to diagnose). Setting the Stage: - Air-flow set on re-circulate; vent setting in chest only (NO...
  2. Bigsteve215

    A/C gets warm when stopped or at idle

    This past Sunday my A/C wouldn't get cold when stopped or idling. Has been working perfect all summer and drove it for nearly 5 hours on Sunday, stopped to get gas and when I started her back up it wouldn't get cold. While driving it blows cold, not super cold but cold enough. Then when I stop...
  3. DonsRam19

    A/C hack video

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  4. J

    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem? I know this has been an issue plaguing 2019 models. I did some digging. People are getting 50-60 at the vent as opposed to 37-42 found in Fords. I really like how Ram rides but I simply cannot stomach a poorly performing AC. I wonder...
  5. Cr250Ram

    Temp change issues

    It seems as if whatever physical part that controls the changing of my climate control doesn’t work. I often have to go all the way to the extreme HI (heat) or LOW (cold) in order to get the temperature coming out of the vents to change. For example; it was 60ish out tonight and my truck was...
  6. BEEF

    Multiple a/c blower failures + module fails

    Hey folks, I have a 2019 Ram Laramie Black edition with the 12” nav. In two weeks I have experienced two a/c failures.... I mean no air blowing at all from any vents under any climate selections. Dealer previously replaced the blower motor and the module which fixed it, but now it is back. The...