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6.7 cummings

  1. 2020Backout

    2020 Ram Diesel- No Traction Control Button

    So I ordered the infotainment 12 inch screen for my truck about a year ago. Apparently they sent me the “gas vehicle” head unit, which does not have the traction control button. They want another 2k for the correct screen. Aside from dealing with them, is there a way to disable traction control...
  2. S

    5th Gen 2019 2500 - Laramie

    Howdy from Texas! Decided to see what the RAM is all about, and built a new truck. Been a powerstroke guy for many years, but wanted a change. Only 100+ miles so far. Cummings certainly has the power. Tranny (68RFE) has yet to prove itself. Interior and technology options are hands down above...