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6 inch lift

  1. Turbodiesel

    35x13.50R20 Tires

    Is anyone running a 13.50 wide tire? I am going to lift my truck with a 6 inch lift and I found a great deal on some Limited wheels with 35x13.50R20 tires. I believe I am going to have to run a spacer since these are Limited wheels with factory offsets.
  2. Mclovinnnnn

    How much lift did a 6” kit give you?

    This sounds dumb, but I know not all the kits give the exact height they claim. For instance my 4” lift gave me 4.75”. So on a standard non ORP non rebel truck, what’s the height from the ground to the center of your fenders? Mine is 42.75” up front & 41.75” in the rear with 35s. The reason I’m...