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4 pin to 7 pin

  1. B

    7 pin trailer connector has no 12v power.

    Recently connected to a camper with 7 pin. Lights and brakes all function as they should but no 12v power from the truck. I've researched fuses and the F01 30amp pink fuse under the dash is installed. Other threads say to check the F30 location under the hood. There is no fuse in f30 and it...
  2. Bufordw

    Trailer Tow Hack

    I wanted to use the trailer tow odometer when towing my boat. But it didn’t work because my trailer has a 4-pin connecter and surge brakes. So, I decided to trick my truck to make it think electric brakes are connected so I could use all of the features of having a 7-pin trailer hooked up...