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  1. NoOtherHobby

    Question about 37s vs 35s

    Hey all, I'm in process of planning a build for the summer on my 2020 Rebel 5.7etorque. Looking closely at the 6" lifts from both BDS (fox coils) and RC (vertex coils). As part of the planning process, I've been looking at wheel/tire combos to go with the lift and had a general question about...
  2. Mclovinnnnn

    Everything you want to know about 37s

    I figured I’d make this post to help out anybody considering running 37 inch tires. Here’s answers to some of the questions I had before I bit the bullet and did it. I had a 4” BDS lift and 35” Toyo RTs and I recently added Bilstein 5100s set at level 5 (1.7 inches) so I could fit 37s. My 4” kit...
  3. Mclovinnnnn

    How much lift did a 6” kit give you?

    This sounds dumb, but I know not all the kits give the exact height they claim. For instance my 4” lift gave me 4.75”. So on a standard non ORP non rebel truck, what’s the height from the ground to the center of your fenders? Mine is 42.75” up front & 41.75” in the rear with 35s. The reason I’m...
  4. Mclovinnnnn

    Post your pics of 37s and give some feedback!

    I’m on a 4 inch BDS lift with 35s currently but I’m really interested in switching over to 37x13.50r18s and 18x9 -12 wheels. The setup will weigh about the same & I think they’ll fit even if I have to lift the front end another inch. I’m just curious to see the 37s and to know how you guys like...
  5. E

    37s on ram rebel

    Haven’t seen much for people with 37s on the new rams so here’s mine. Started with a level and 33X12.5s.. hated the look so I went 6 inch bds lift with 35s. Got full length king coil overs for the front. But still didn’t look right. I think I read somewhere that they increased the waist line on...