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  1. redriderbob

    RECALL: Ram Recalls Certain 2021 Ram Heavy Duty Cummins Models:

    RECALL: Ram Recalls Certain 2021 Ram Heavy Duty Cummins Models: Chassis Cab Models Included In Recall... Stellantis recalling approximately 19,214 of its 2021 Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six-cylinder turbo diesel engine due to risk of fire...
  2. JB_Redig

    2020 Dodge Ram 3500 upgrades

    New to the group, not new to dodge. Traded in my 2015 2500 & bought a 2020 3500 and wanted to see if anyone out there has some good suggestions for increasing power. Chip, exhaust, etc. Any links or other info on upgrades to increase acceleration and pulling power. Thanks.
  3. Waterfowler41

    Chicagoland: 2019+ 2500/3500 Rams needed...

    Hey folks, a company local to me, Boost Auto Parts (tow mirrors), is on the hunt for some local 2019+ 2500/3500 to film some installation videos and test some products. They've been looking for a while. They are looking for 2500/3500 w/o tow mirrors (I know rare) but also trucks with Ram tow...
  4. BobbyT

    Ranch Hand Sport Winch Front Bumper 20' 3500

    Anyone have the Ranch Hand FBD195BLRC Sport Winch Front Bumper with sensor and camera holes? I haven't been able to find any pictures of trucks with it yet. I'm curious if anyone has any issues with the sensors after installing. I'm also wanting to put a flatbed/service bed on my 2020 3500...