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2.5 level kit

  1. M

    New to RAM - 2019 RAM 1500 Classic SLT

    Hi, My name is Mandy, and we are new to RAM. :) I joined the 5thgenrams not realizing we bought a 4th gen, so I am glad there is a thread for 4th Gens. My family have always been Ford drivers. Mainly because my Dad preferred them and was a mechanic for Fords and Chevy's. My husband and I got a...
  2. Mbern

    2.5 inch level kit

    I just purchased 2.5” Motofab front leveling kit and 1.5 rear, and plan on replacing upper control arms while I’m at it. My questions are is a 2.5 lift in the fron to much? “It is a north edition so it has the ORP without the skids “ .. Will the mopar 2”UCAs accommodate the 2.5“ and ive noticed...
  3. Hessler

    ReadyLift UCA’s

    I purchased the ReadyLift 67-1500 UCA’s to go with the MotoFab 2.5” Leveling Kit and just wanted to make sure these UCA’s will fit on the 5th gens. I’ve seen people say they fit fine even though they’re meant for the 4th Gens but just wanted to verify.
  4. C

    ReadyLift 67-1500

    I know I have seen it mentioned somewhere but of course now I can’t find it. Are the UCAs listed under part number 67-1500 the same as the ones that come in the 2 and 3.5 kit. Under that part it says only up to 2018 but I believe some people on here mentioned using. Found for a good deal at...
  5. G

    Thanks for the add!