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2019 ram 1500 classic

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    New to RAM - 2019 RAM 1500 Classic SLT

    Hi, My name is Mandy, and we are new to RAM. :) I joined the 5thgenrams not realizing we bought a 4th gen, so I am glad there is a thread for 4th Gens. My family have always been Ford drivers. Mainly because my Dad preferred them and was a mechanic for Fords and Chevy's. My husband and I got a...
  2. T

    Fastener Size?

    Morning: A search came up empty (no surprise - only someone that has used these holes would know). There are eight (8) captured nuts inside the bed (2 vertical on each corner of the bed). The person that sprayed the liner in the bed got goop in the holes so I have no idea what thread size is...