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2019 laramie sport

  1. A

    Whistling inside cab at high speed

    I've had this issue for awhile. If it's semi windy out and I'm driving on the interstate and I hit anything above 70-75 I get a loud loud whistling sound in my cab. I thought it was my speakers or something else but it wasn't. Windows up, radio off. I mean it's piecing loud. Took it in and of...
  2. A

    Grinding noise at low speed while turning, parking speeds.

    I've noticed a grinding noise when I'm turning primarily left but it will also make it while turning right. The brakes aren't applied, it's more like when you're coasting while turning into your driveway or a parking spot. Can feel and hear it inside cab, floor, a d steering wheel. It seems to...
  3. kipeharris

    WTB or trade for 22" OEM Wheels & Tires

    I am looking to buy straight out or am willing to trade my 20" 2019 Laramie wheels and tires that as of today have 10.625 miles on them (rotated twice). I am open to all REASONABLE OFFERS. Below are pictures of the wheels that are up for trade. Let's MAKE A DEAL! Located in North West TX I am...
  4. G

    Thanks for the add!

  5. Zshane79

    New here from Brenham Texas

    Loyal Mopar guy, just bought my 2nd Ram. 2019 1500 Laramie Sport. found this forum and hope to get to know some fellow Rams. any advice is appreciated and maybe I can help in some way. yall be safe driving THE BEST DAMN TRUCK on the road!