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2019 big horn

  1. Siepierski

    Open steering column clamshell to replace miltifunction switch

    Any idea how to open the plastic clamshell on the steering column so the multifunction switch can be removed and replaced? 2019 ram bighorn (new body style) The seam goes all the way around the steering column. No other seams. There are no fastener holes anywhere. I don't see any way of...
  2. PRSGuitarist

    New CPO Crew Cab/Overland build.

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and thought I'd share my newly aquired 2019 Crew cab that I will be turning into a "discreet" overlander. This is my 2nd Ram, after I leased a 2020 quad cab at the start of Covid and got a hell of a deal and wanted to see if Iiked Ram products. Sold it back way...
  3. J

    BFG KO2 - 275 65r20

    Stupid question - I want to get BFG KO2 for my 2019 Ram Big Horn but I can only find 275 65 r20s and my stock tires are 275 60 r20s. Does anyone know if they will fit without any issues?
  4. skylarfaucett

    New member here! ( looking to trade black front and rear bumper for my chrome)

    Hey all, thanks for adding me to the group! adding a 2 in mopar lift and some new rims/tires to my 2019 bighorn soon... looking to find someone that wants my chrome bumpers for their black bumpers... might be a long-shot but thought i would ask! located in the beautiful RIOT CITY of...
  5. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    I'm needing a new exhaust as mine has been bent in a few spots (don't ask). So since OEM will basically be the similar price to an aftermarket, I was looking at that route. I was looking at the Borla touring, likely with the resonator. I don't want it to be loud and obnoxious, but some more bite...
  6. B

    Looking for ideas/help for a rim and tire set up for BigHorn1500

    Whats up everybody, Looking for some set ups for a wheel and tire mod on my truck but I’m not very experienced in the matter and wanna make sure everything goes smoothly! I own a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 North Edition Crew cab. Most of the set ups that I have been able to find online dont...
  7. C

    Can 35’s run smooth on a leveled 2019 1500

    I’m weighing my options currently and looking for some input from anyone further into the process. I have the 2019 1500 Big Horn, I’m going to level it with the Ready Lift leveling kit with the control arms instead of spacers. I know the truck will fit 35’s but my question is, what are the...
  8. Joshuablake48

    11,000lb camper towing with 2019 big horn

    So I just bought a used 2019 ram bighorn recently and I just discovered the max towing is only around 9,000 lbs since I have the 3.21 gear ratio. Would I need to upgrade to 3.92 gear to get the towing capacity of the laramies? I think they tow close to 13k? This is my first ram ever and I bought...