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20 inch rims

  1. C

    Need some experts opinions

    I own a 2021 ram 1500 and looking to lift it 6” with 20x10 rims with an -18 offset, tires will be 37x12.5r20 and diff is a 3.92, just wondering if anyone has heard of issues with gearing or speed , or excessive damage to front end thanks
  2. GP-TEK

    No full size spare on a 2021 1500 Limited with 20inch package?

    I went to get tires and (well wife did) and so inquired about the spare under the truck and the guy said it was not a full size and we would need a rim and a tire and THAT would not fit under the bed? She is not yet home. Is this true?
  3. Blackoutram2019

    Laramie sport 20in rims powder coated?

    Anyone have the laramie sport rims powder coated. Thinking about going black. Is it possible to powder coat the chrome plastic parts?