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2” leveling kit

  1. jan_riefkohl

    BDS 2” Coilover Leveling Kit with 295/70R18

    I’m making this thread since I haven’t seen anyone talking about this kit. The 1664F comes preset to 2” of lift but can reach 2.5” safely, fox recommends not to go above that. They perform perfectly at 2.5” but you might get spring bind at 3”. Heard back from Fox that the full 3” will not cause...
  2. MN5241

    Issues with alignment after level?

    Just recently put in a level and went to the dealer to get it aligned. They gave me back in the sheet that showed how far off the toe/camber was etc, and where they corrected it. But it seems it now pulls to the right and if I return to "Center" the wheel is actually 10 degrees turned to the...
  3. A

    Level kit for 2019 3500 w/ rear air bags

    Hi there, Anyone know of any level kits available for 2019 3500's with factory rear bags?
  4. Caseypiland

    2wd motofab leveling kit questions

    Question, will the level kit pictured work with my 2019 new body style 2wd? The site says not but I don’t see why it wouldn’t, any info would be nice. Thanks in advance
  5. S

    Rough Country Leveling Kit

    Hey guys, first post here. Never owned a truck until I got a 2019 1500. Wow, what an upgrade from my 2010 accord haha! I got the rough country leveling kit (2") installed and man, is it such a better look. I feel no difference in the quality of the drive either. Just wanted to share my...
  6. J

    Lift kit Vs Leveling kit

    I want to put bigger tires on my 2019 Ram 1500 and I was looking at either adding a leveling kit(2 in) or a lift kit(3.5) . I wasn't sure which is the best route any advice. Also what would be the max tire size I could put on with both the leveling kit and the lift kit Thanks
  7. EJanx07

    True or False: 2” Leveling Kit, w/ ORP?

    I see conflicting answers when it comes to a 2” Level Kit, added on top of the factory 1” ORP Lift. True or False:? Adding a 2” (Rough Country) Leveling Kit to the factory Off-Road Package, will make the 2019 Big Horn/Lone Star - exactly Level? No Rake visible...? Rear end doesn’t sag? (Rear...