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12" uconnect upgrade

  1. K

    Upgrade 2022 8.4 to 12 with Uconnect 5

    I have looked but couldn't find anything. I bought a new 2022 Power Wagon a month ago. Love the truck. I wanted the 12 inch screen but they only had the 8.4. Truck was a great price so I went for it. Now I want to see about upgrading this little 8.4 screen to the 12 inch screen. I have seen...
  2. V

    8.4" to 12" Uconnect radio upgrade now available to purchase

    Infotainment has an upgrade option now to install the 12" Uconnect system in the place of your 8.4" system. Comes with everything you need. 2019-2020 RAM Truck UAX Uconnect 4C NAV with 12-inch Touchscreen including Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Upgrade...