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Recent content by tdog65

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    Multimedia box

    I got one of these few months ago and works great. My only complaint would be that once you plug it in you lose the Bluetooth or handsfree on phone. It does look like at some point you might be able to plug in device then bluetooth your phone to the device but when I bought mine it said do not...
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    Poor gas mileage

    I've had my truck for about a month now new to me 2020 with 20k miles on it. Truck was exactly what I was looking for other than it had 3.92 gears. I use 95% hwy. Its a very fickle truck. If I keep it at 70-72 it will average 18 hwy but drops fast once over that speed. I've never had a...
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    Griots Ceramic 3-In-1 Wax

    Count me one as well as satisfied user of 3 in 1 Griots. After reading the reviews here I did this weekend on my new to me 202 ram limited. I have the pearl white and wow how that color pops now. I use this truck for work and drove down to Nashville Tn for work and literally after doing this...
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    Nexan Roadian AT Pro RA8

    Morning I know this is an older thread but how did the tires hold up. I'm thinking of going with the same tire myself. Did you get the 50k miles out of them? Do remember how bad they affected you MPG. I know its a truck but when you drive 50k miles a year makes a differecne. Are they quite...
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    Best warranty options?

    I just picked up a 20 ram limited and after going thru all these threads for the last year am pretty nervous about the reliability of this truck. That being said its as nice as my Lexus I used for work and lot more room. Since I will use this for a work car (sales) I travel about 50k miles a...
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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Just reviving this thread and the advice I got from it. After wanting one for quite a while I picked up a 20 ram limited with 20k miles on it. Loaded pretty much exactly like I would have ordered it. Does have 3.92 rear end, was hoping to find one with 3.21 but this one was close to home and...
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    How’s your 2019 Ram running? Take our poll!

    I know forums are usually people having issues and looking for some help but I'm looking at buying a used 19 Laramie sport that is loaded like a limited minus airide. I drive about 50,000 miles a year all highway. I never buy new as they depreciate so fast. Currently driving a 17 Lexus GX460...
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    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    Great entertainment on this forum. Debating on trading in Suv for a 19 ram limited that checks all my box's. It does have 3.92 and for me would rather have the 3.21 as I drive 95% hwy and lot of miles. As I've been looking at these its hard enough and so far almost every 19 or 20 ram I look...
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    Poor gas mileage

    Wow, that's impressive for any truck. I've found a 19 that checks most of the boxes of wants but it has 3.92. 4x4 if I thought I could get 20 on hwy consistently I would do buy it tomorrow.
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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Great to hear I'm not the only one to drive this much. I agree with the hemi. How long are you planning on keeping this truck? Man reason I wanted the limited or Longhorn is the options. I've found a couple but all have 3.92. From what I've been reading the difference between that and the...
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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Thanks for all the replies. I thought about the eco diesel but here's what I ran into. I'm looking at a 19 or 20 ram. with less than 30000 miles. I can get the Max care unlimited mileage warranty for around 3500 for 3 years depending on the service date. I would probably keep the ram for 2...
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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Thanks for the replies. I know you can have issues with any brand. I know there were some weird quirky things in 19 when they first came out. I'm assuming most of those things have gotten better. IE back window leaking, AC not cooling well, and mostly minor things. Like I said for me it would...
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    High Mileage rams holding up

    Just checking to see now that NBS has been out since 19 how they are holding up. I've wanted one of the rams for a while but I'm in sales and drive about 60000 miles a year. So I need to see if a ram will hold up to about 240,000 miles 95% highway. I did see ram offers an unlimited mileage...
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    Most miles on 19 and up Ram

    Just wanted to see whom has put some serious miles on their Ram. I'm in sales a drive a lot miles per year, mostly highway but normal calculations for me would be 40-50 year. I see where Ziegler has unlimited warranty and would definitely get that if I get a ram. Just wanting to see if...
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    Temp change issues

    I know these forums usually have the people that have problems, but does anybody have a 19 and up ram that the AC/Heat works correctly without hack. I keep wanting to buy one but I need to quit reading these forums or I never will. I'm guess I'm more amazed that FCA hasn't done something about it.