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  1. Scram1500

    Air oil separator vs catch can?

    No maintenance? Where does the oil go?
  2. Scram1500

    2019 Rebel Tire Pressure

    I had my Defenders at 30 for a while checking the ride, no ill effects. Check the tire pressure after driving for a bit, if they get to 34 psi or under from cold a 30 you should be fine.
  3. Scram1500

    BWoody Sway Bar Links with Hellwig Swaybar

    When I had rear lowering springs I used the -1" Core rear links and drilled out the top mounts in the frame, no issues. I later removed the springs (replaced with OEM) and re-installed the OEM links which I had to drill out the top hole in the link and just used the Core hardware for the frame...
  4. Scram1500

    OEM all weather floor mat options?

    You can get Rebel mats with a red rams head, 82215421AD for quad cab
  5. Scram1500

    F-150 Lightning Epic tow test fail

    Everything is free, unless you're unfortunate enough to have a job
  6. Scram1500

    F-150 Lightning Epic tow test fail

    So in cold weather that's less than 30 miles of range. The future is going to be awesome!
  7. Scram1500

    Alpharex Luxx

    The drl's are on all the time when the truck is running and can't be turned off? What happens if you don't bother with the drl fuse tap and use the parking lights?
  8. Scram1500

    Android auto issues

    Working fine, non-nav 8.4 Uconnect 4C with Samsung Galaxy S21. Try clearing the cache and or unistalling updates on Android Auto.