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Recent content by sarge33army

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    BAK MX4 vs X4s

    Good question. Mine covers the third brake light. However, mine is for an eight-foot bed (RAM 2500). A 5.5 or 6.5 bed could be different.
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    BAK MX4 vs X4s

    I've been pleased with the MX4 on current and last pickup. Decided on MX4 due to sun/UV damage to past tonneau covers here in Southern Arizona. Both MX4 covers have been great with no leaks, no damage, and still look new.
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    PPF, Ceramic Coating, and Ceramic Tint

    If it's Sensha, my guess is that Bob Moses is doing it. If so, they do a great job! Had our 29' travel trailer done and then my 2020 RAM 2500 coated about two years ago. They really care about taking care of the customer. I also had to wait from NOV to FEB. You will see why when you arrive...