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    Tire Options for 22' Limited Wheels with No Lift/Level

    Slight rubbing in 'Aero' when cranked all the way over - something I never do so it doesn't bother me. No rubbing in 'Normal' AFAIK, and I don't drive in 'Entry/Exit' so I didn't test that, but it probably rubs there. Truck is otherwise stock, no level or lift or spacers.
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    Rebuild myself, pony up, or trade?

    This is not your problem, it's the selling dealership's problem.
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    eTorque impact on mpg

    Like I said, they're within 200lbs of eachother.
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    eTorque impact on mpg

    I used to drive a 2014 Big Horn, now drive a 2020 Limited (my wife still drives the 2014). Big Horn had no fuel saving features, Limited has eTorque, grille shuitters, aero mode, powered airdam, auto start/stop. Trucks are within 200lbs of eachother. Both have 3.92. Mileage on same commute...
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    Tire Options for 22' Limited Wheels with No Lift/Level

    Michelin 305/45-22
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    Pistol Mount Options

    Experience has taught me that my gun should be either on me, or locked up (in truck or at home) when I can't carry it. This prevents me eventually forgetting about the gun at some point, and also makes sure I have the gun when I might need it. I'm also not a fan of having/leaving gun in plain...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Mounted slightly larger tires - 305/45-22 instead of 285/45-22. Difference is slight (less than an inch) but noticeable.
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    1st Pet Peeve with my 2021 Laramie Black interior

    My black headliner and visors look great after 63,000 miles. Stop using the drivethru so much, or wipe your fingers better ;-)
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    285/50R22 or 305/45R22 on 2019 on stock Air ride

    Haven't noticed any rub, but have only driven it in 'Normal' so far.
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    2019 RAM 1500 Exhaust leak,

    Both of my manifolds were replaced around 50,000 miles IIRC. It's an ongoing thing with the Hemi's. My 2014 also had both manifolds replaced.
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    What is the correct PSI for these tires?

    Go here and put your numbers in - https://tiresize.com/pressure-calculator/
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    285/50R22 or 305/45R22 on 2019 on stock Air ride

    I just had Michelin 305/45-22 installed today. Changes are only 0.7" added diameter, but I like the looks of it. Doesn't look as skinny anymore. Also, that size Michelin is rated for 9" wide rims, so stays within spec of OEM rim, saving me some money. Slightly wider tire looks good as well:
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    Ironically, if you use the exact same maps on the HereWeGo app on your phone, updates seem to be free. So, if you are attached to the built-in maps, just download the app and use them over Android Auto / Apple CarPlay . Maps can be downloaded, so no data connection necessary. Android...
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    New guy rocking a Delmonico red 1500

    Welcome! Nice color! I bought a black one off the lot, and will never own that color again...
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    Weather Tech or Husky floor mat ?

    I used to be a Weathertech fanboy, but the Mopar mats are in a different league: thicker and softer, they follow the floor's contours much better than Weathertech's mats. Look better as well, and clean up better too for some reason. They make the Weathertechs look cheap.