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Recent content by OldMarine

  1. OldMarine

    Fuel Gauge shows diesel but truck is not diesel

    don't ever let someone borrow your truck with less than 3/4 of a tank in it...sheesh, that's crazy!
  2. OldMarine

    Steering Wheel gets "Sticky"

    sounds like a new steering rack is in your future...
  3. OldMarine

    Limited Floor Mat - Easter Egg

    a set of those floor mats cost more than I paid for my first car...wow am I OLD!!!
  4. OldMarine

    windshield washer fluid light won't turn off

    you could do what we did in the 70's when any kind of warning light came on.....just put a piece of electrical tape over the warning lamp.:cool:
  5. OldMarine

    Disable seat belt chime

    worked for me, 2019 Lmt.
  6. OldMarine

    “In and out” sales process?

    Huh ..I thought you used : Martin Short. Gomer Pyle, and : The Guy who bought Tom Brady's last touchdown football
  7. OldMarine

    Conventional motor oil or synthetic from factory

    ok, if you read what I said, when I said "just use what's recommended" I was refering to the TYPE of oil, not how many miles between changes. When I said go at LEAST 5000, I said that because a lot of guys change at 3000. By the way, the 10,000 is under "normal" conditions, and a lot of trucks...
  8. OldMarine

    Conventional motor oil or synthetic from factory

    I'll say this....there is no subject in the world of IC engines more "over-thunk" than the subject of oils. Never mind just about anything you "heard" from some guy with lots of tattoo's when you were little. For these trucks, just use what's recommended in your manual, and remember....you...
  9. OldMarine

    RI moves to TN

    awesome! May I suggest a visit to Maggie Valley TN and the "Wheels Through Time" motorcycle museum...nothing like it in the world.
  10. OldMarine

    Question/advice selling old and buying new

    umm...you're not going to like this, but with all your worrying about credit scores and financing terms....you should of just kept the 2020 and enjoyed life a little more. To each his own though, and I hope you enjoy the new truck!
  11. OldMarine

    Phone Holder?

    it's actually one of the features I like the most. Phone goes in, starts charging, doesn't bounce around. Again...what's not to like?
  12. OldMarine

    Death of the Hemi opinion piece

    haven't heard of any Camaro ZL1's warping...
  13. OldMarine

    Is it possible to get the 2022 software flash on the 2019 head unit

    good news is YES...you can upgrade a Uconnect 4 to a 5....the bad news is...it'll cost between $50K -$70K depending on trim level...
  14. OldMarine

    Cracked rear window trim, what to do?

    ummm...don't settle for that. Let them know in writing that you consider that response to be a breach of the warranty contract, specifically a "refusal to honor the warranty" based on the window surround crack being a "manufacturer-defect" , as it is NOT normal for that part to break on it's...