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    Factory trailer receiver play / slop

    Honestly I would probably consider removing the factory receiver and replacing it with a more accurately manufactured one since that seems to be where the issue is. I've used these hitches on a lot of vehicles and never had an issue so I'm hesitant to make changes to the hitches themselves if...
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    Factory trailer receiver play / slop

    Has anyone else noticed a lot more play/slop with their factory receiver hitch in the 2019+ RAMs? I bought a 2019 2500 RAM back in September and it came with a 2.5" receiver so I ordered a new 2.5" weigh safe hitch for that and it has a lot of play in it. When I put the factory 2.5 to 2" adapter...
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    2020 RAM Limited Level 1 - Same issue with auto high beams not activating. Thanks for the info, I will make an appointment with the dealer.