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Recent content by mmondich

  1. mmondich

    Audio lag on Blue Tooth

    J - I've had lag on any of my trucks with BT. The volume isn't as loud as when connected via CarPlay as well.
  2. mmondich

    Better MPG with higher octane?

    2021 Ram 1500 5.7HEMI eTorque. Has anyone has run 87 octane and noticed a significant change when switching to a higher octane? I know the manual says no lower than 89 but other than MPG potentially being impacted, I don't have any issues. Would possibly spend the extra $$ if I knew it would...
  3. mmondich

    Speedometer calibration

    $130 is kind of steep for a simple re-calibration......geez.
  4. mmondich

    Speedometer calibration

    So what is the consensus? Can the dealership do the calibration or not? I went to 33" (275/60/20s) on my '21 Laramie and have seen a difference in the speedo. The fuel mileage is off by about 3% I'm guessing but the shift points don't seem to have any issue. The truck has 1600 miles on it and...
  5. mmondich

    GA Rams - Where ya at?!

    Ball Ground here.