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Recent content by MilehighRam

  1. MilehighRam

    Air Suspension with 35s

    I got 285 55 R22 toyo AT3s on my stock 22 rims. I did need very minor trimming of the wheel well liners, but no rubbing in any height.
  2. MilehighRam

    Adaptive Cruise Control Thoughts

    Thats the 1 feature i havent worked up the guts to try
  3. MilehighRam

    Do we have a issue with theft

    Im in southeast Aurora myself. Things have certainly changed in this area since the pandemic/crime increase.
  4. MilehighRam

    Adaptive Cruise Control Thoughts

    Adaptive cruise control is great, but the lane keep assist kinda sucks.
  5. MilehighRam

    Anybody running 285/55R22?

    I'm running that size tire; Toyo at3. Love em so far and it's about 8 or 9 months. Did have to trim the wheel well liners slightly, but zero rubbing after that. No lift/level either.
  6. MilehighRam

    Sunroof tint?

    Thanks for all the responses! I heard (many years ago) that tinting a sunroof will cause it to crack/shatter and that thought just kinda stuck with me. Seeing these threads and doing some more investigating, it turns out that old thought process was flawed.
  7. MilehighRam

    Sunroof tint?

    Anyone know of a tint that can be used on the sunroof?
  8. MilehighRam

    Too much for a half ton truck?

    Well, I have the truck, not the trailer. Not going to get rid of the truck but might be able to find a different way to have a travel trailer and a side by side with me. Next truck will be a 2500 or 3500, but that wont be for a long while. I sort of feared this might be a bit much, which is...
  9. MilehighRam

    Too much for a half ton truck?

    Im looking to buy a "half ton towable travel trailer" within the next year. We're going to get a 2 seater side by side to store in it. Question is, do the numbers add up for my trucks configuration? the attached images are the weight ratings for my particular truck along with the specs of the...
  10. MilehighRam

    AC not cold enough, help

    Im one of the people that put a valve on the heater core and it works pretty well. Not as cold as my last 2 rams, but much better than it was (~8 degrees cooler if memory serves me correctly).
  11. MilehighRam

    Snow day in CO 3/14/21

    Truck did great with Toyo AT 3s and off road 2 settings. didnt get stuck at all.
  12. MilehighRam

    Built in navigation not receiving gps signal

    Nothing I was able to do fixed the problem. Scheduled a service appointment.
  13. MilehighRam

    Built in navigation not receiving gps signal

    We live in Colorado and went up to the mountains this weekend. We noticed the built in nav was a bit off and didn't show our elevation. Fast forward to today, and it looks like it's not receiving a signal from the gps (see pic). It thinks I'm in some ocean, which I assure you is far away from...
  14. MilehighRam

    Question On Start Stop Engines

    I purchased the Tazer DT which remembers the last state of the auto start stop button. I dont mind it most of the time, but disable it in the summer as theres a funky smell when the ac kicks on after being off for a bit.