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Recent content by Maloneranger

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    Question about the RAMBox cargo system.

    Well that explains why my salesman told me the BUG group check box was grayed out and he couldn’t order it and just sat there staring at me. I insisted I wasn’t ordering 2020 Longhorn without it and had build quote from another dealer with it. That forced him to check with sales manager and he...
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    Order Tracking

    Thank you for this. Ordered mine 5 days ago and now have VIN# and was told it was in D status
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    2020 Ram 1500 Limited To Get Optional Black Appearance Package:

    Same here, was easy to use license plate dip in bumper and hand on open door to get in and out of bed. Probably wait another 10 years when I’m 74 to get the step:)
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    2020 Ram 1500 Limited To Get Optional Black Appearance Package:

    My salesman acted like it was too much trouble to even check and see if he had a air suspension and coil suspension to see the difference for a test ride of both. Also came up grayed out on the check box for ordering the bed package with the Multifunction Tailgate and Ramboxes. Just looked at me...