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Recent content by Malodave

  1. Malodave

    Oil change prices

    Here is where I have ordered mine from: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TXFCC3Q?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details The Oil & Fuel Filters I got from DieselFiltersOnline.com Malodave
  2. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    Right now They are both a complete Package with the Trans Tuner Flash Device thrown in. Malodave
  3. Malodave


    If your RAM has Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, the addition of the Comma Device will let the Truck Drive itself with a little attention on your part. Similar to a Tesla. Malodave
  4. Malodave

    Rookie RAM owner Questions

    Turn the Dial down on the Dash Lighting. You have it at the Brightest setting. Malodave
  5. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    I haven't installed it yet. I am putting it on the flasher this morning. Probably try to install it Saturday when it is light out and not snowing. Malodave This is from GDE's Email: The updates to the transmission tune are as follows: Introduction of new shift maps with 4HI/4Auto engaged...
  6. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    Just got a Trans Tune Update from GDE. Malodave
  7. Malodave

    Light switch panels

    They are $50 each with Shipping. I have one without the PSI Gauge ready to ship. Others would have to wait until they get printed. Switches and final finishing are up to you. Malodave
  8. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    Mount the tubes in the seat for the heated seat option works too. Malodave
  9. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    I suspect they couldn't get the right Chips to build the standard one. Malodave
  10. Malodave


    The Next Batch of 18 has been printed. I still need to tap about half to be ready to ship. I also have the M/F Dupont Harnesses Available
  11. Malodave

    News on a tune?

    Other than the initial Hiccup with the Pedal Commander. I like the GDE Tune W/ Trans Tune. Malodave
  12. Malodave

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    My suspension also will not work if a Door is open or the running boards deployed. It is a safety thing. Malodave
  13. Malodave

    Throttle controllers...

    My Pedal Commander has a conflict with the GDE tune on my Ecodiesel, So I had to remove it. Malodave
  14. Malodave

    Cab lights for trucks with sunroofs...

    I resemble that remark! I was a truck driver for a number of years. I need to move the Nathan Airchime K5LA Air Horns over to my 2021 Laramie. The stock horn is anemic. I also designed and made a Switch Panel to go in the Sunglass Cubby See Pic, and a mirror Mount for the Comma3 from Comma.ai...
  15. Malodave


    I have just about finalized the RAM Mirror Mount design for my Resin Printer. The Elegoo brand ABS Like Resin is a Smokey Black and is allowing the Threaded holes to solidify. I have a bottle of Rich Opto ABS Like Resin coming Thursday. This is a more Opaque Black resin. The Smokey Black prints...