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    New 2019 Laramie owner with radio reception problems HELP

    Thanks for the SB link. Adding this to the list of things Dodge needs to look at. Odd that they would think it's antenna related when the cycling through bands fix works. EDIT: Brought to the dealer last week and they couldn't recreate the issue therefore it must not exist and of course not...
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    May have found the " open door noise " source....

    Just want to confirm I'm getting the same issue. Could you pull in on the door in the top left while driving down the road to quiet the noise (hooking your fingers between glass and frame with window still closed)? I'm getting it on both driver and passenger front in the upper corners by the...
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    Driver window and mirror switches

    Mine unlocks but when I open I usually like to hit the lock button before closing. Ford I had before either was illuminated upon exit or layout was easier to deal with and find lock button. Not sure but I just know it was easier and keeping back lighting on until then would be nice.
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    Driver window and mirror switches

    Mine are lit while driving but what frustrates me is soon as I turn the truck off they aren't illuminated. Fumbling in the dark for lock button sucks. Would be nice if back lighting stayed for a tad longer after powering off.