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    Anyone convert a 3.21 to 3.92?

    I looked into this and talked to a local shop about it, when I found a truck with everything I wanted on it minus the 3.92 for towing. It turns out because of the welded front gear box, FCA will only sell a new front end assembly. I pushed the dealer to make this happen if they wanted my...
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    3.21 vs 3.92

    An interesting update: I told the dealer that it would be cost prohibitive to buy the parts (~3k), and have them installed (~1k). Thinking this would kill the deal, I was very surprised when the sales rep suggested we split the cost of the parts and their service department would throw in the...
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    3.21 vs 3.92

    While I would love to go with an HD, the extra headache of using it as a daily driver in tight parking lots and airport valet just doesn't make sense. But I definitely want the 3.92 because, as it's been mentioned before, my truck needs to tow more than an SUV. I spoke with my local...
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    3.21 vs 3.92

    I have been shopping for a 5th gen for over 18 months and keep landing on the factory order option to get exactly what I want. Most of the frustration has been with the MFT, but now given the 0% offer, and assuming the dealer is incentivized to make a deal, the only gap on one that I found is...