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    Major Electrical issues

    thanks for the quick feedback the truck is a 2wd Tradesman, and went to the dealership who said they could not repeat the problem so non issue very frustrating. #5 it was night, truck on and idling and the switch was doing nothing not in the door not in the lower part of the cabin. #3 is while...
  2. J

    Major Electrical issues

    Brand new 2019 1500 major electrical issues All happened under 2000 miles 1 backup camera has green lines running through the screen like a dropped flat screen tv fixes itself then appears again 2 engine died while turning through an intersection into traffic ... had to fully stop shift to...
  3. J

    Engine died twice now

    My truck did this exact same thing .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 600 miles on my new 2019 ram and it stalled in an intersection turning right I had to pull over stop shift to park and restart ...... pleas tell me you found out something other than the recalls