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Recent content by jha_

  1. jha_

    Window shades?

    Thanks, guys! I’ll check it out.
  2. jha_

    Window shades?

    Does anyone have shades they like for passenger door windows? Trying to give my kids some relief from the summer sun. Thought about tinting, but I don’t want to go super dark so I’m not sure it would help much. I’ve used the suction cup type before, but the ones I had weren’t very good.
  3. jha_


    New member here, and new owner of a Fifth Gen Ram. I just bought a 2021 1500 Laramie in Hydro Blue. This truck replaces my 2019 1500 Classic Laramie Eco-Diesel after the main bearings failed, trashing the engine at 10,000 miles. After the engine was replaced, I decided I was done with the...