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Recent content by jeff00454

  1. J

    Wind noise

    Doesn't appear to be ANC. Disconnected the plug, same noise. I'll take it in at some point or trade it when the Bronco comes out.
  2. J

    Wind noise

    UPDATE: I was on a couple hundred mile trip yesterday and tried to pinpoint the noise. Prior to the trip, I placed the shop VAC hose in the window, because my noise happens if the sunroof or any window is cracked, turned vacuum on and no noise. Checked the flaps by the cab/bed and all working...
  3. J

    Wind noise

    Hi All, I have the same tea pot/whistle noise, however, when I duplicate the issue it only happens when any window or the sunroof open is open slightly or more. I can faintly hear it when the A/C is on full max and the radio off too. My guess is when the cab is under pressure a seal "blows...
  4. J

    SOLD OUT: 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition For The U.S. Market:

    While at my dealer picking up some parts, my sales person asked if I want to order a TRX at MSRP. My response was I will wait till they rebate them. What I've seen over the years is after the initial hype has cooled, discounts and rebates appear. I see it with the Raptor, Trackhawks, Hellcats...
  5. J

    2020 EcoDiesel cold start elevated Idle

    My Eco-Diesel has the high idle as well, test drove a Cummins 2500 and Duramax they do the same thing when cold. I have to say this Eco-Diesel warms up quickly and I do not think you will need the grill cover under most circumstances, as I think with the radiator shutters helps with the warm up...
  6. J

    Block Heater 2020 Ecodiesel

    I want to add some additional information. I went to my dealer yesterday and they just received a limited ECO-Diesel with the cold weather package. As was said here, the harness was routed from the block heater to the right front fender and was wire tied to the coolant bottle. I then went to...
  7. J

    Block Heater 2020 Ecodiesel

    I just purchased a 2020 Ram Ecodiesel and it does not have the cold weather package. I'm hoping the new diesel has the block heater installed and all I need is the cord. I'm asking to see if someone can post a picture of where the cord comes out at the front of the truck with the cold weather...
  8. J

    Bucket seats unclipping

    Hi All, I had the same issue with my Big Horn Quad Cab bucket seats with Cloth. This happened only on the drivers side as the passanger side was secure. I really hate taking my vehicle in for service unless it's a major issue so,with that said, I found the metal frame pieces that hold the...