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Recent content by jastevenson

  1. J

    Apple Watch app!

    I pay for it because remote start via app is a necessity. The parking garage at work is too far away for the remote start on the key fob to work.
  2. J

    Trying to disconnect HK subwoofer w/o success: what am I doing wrong?

    Interesting. Did you just place a flat sheet of sound dampener between the carpet and the sub, or did you actually wrap the sound dampener around the sub?
  3. J

    UConnect subscription renewal: cheapest way?

    Hi folks, I’ve had my 2021 Ram for a year and my Uconnect subscription is about to expire. I use remote start via app a lot, so I need to renew. Any tips/tricks on getting the renewal as cheaply as possible? My app told me to call their customer service number to renew and I want to be...
  4. J

    How quiet is your truck in and out?

    The Ram is quiet, but I found my last-gen F150 to be a bit quieter. I noticed that on my F150 it was actually a bit hard to close the doors since they almost formed a vacuum. Once I got used to it, I appreciated how the semi-vacuum they created made the vehicle almost completely silent...
  5. J

    Too easy to accidentally switch 4WD/2WD.

    Anyone find that they accidentally switch themselves out their desired drive mode? It’s easy to switch accidentally since the buttons touch the transmission knob. I run in 4WD auto almost all the time. But periodically I hit the gas at a right turn and the rear tires spin because I accidentally...
  6. J

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    Breakdown is: 7 quarts of oil at $5.75 per bottle (so around 40) Oil filter $15 Oil change labor: $40 Tire rotation: $40 Fees: $5 Taxes: $10 Seems like a ripoff, but prefer not to do oil change myself. Maybe will take it to Jiffy Lube or an independent.
  7. J

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    Took my Ram in for an oil change plus tire rotation last week and cost is around $150 after taxes and fees. Seems steep! How much are you paying? Thanks!
  8. J

    Sold my 2019 Ram 1500 :( What's next??

    Tundra or F150 Lightning. Silverado, Sierra, and F150 have unacceptable ride quality b/c leaf springs.
  9. J

    What to buy: bed rug or rubber bed mat?

    Can anyone comment on whether sand will be an issue with the BedRug? Quite a bit of sand gets in my truck bed at the beach, and with my current bedliner, it basically creates sandpaper that scratches up stuff in the bed.
  10. J

    What to buy: bed rug or rubber bed mat?

    Hi all, I have the factory spray-in liner, but it is scraping up my stuff. I don’t carry heavy duty stuff like rocks or lumber. Most common things in the truck bed is luggage, inflatable paddle board, and my bike. What do you guys recommend for my needs: bed rug or bed mat? Thank you!
  11. J

    Former F-150 owners: what do you miss?

    I’m guessing there are quite a few former F-150 owners on here. What do you miss? I prefer my Ram in almost every way, with the following exceptions: 1) A/C performance. It’s been beaten to death on here, but even compared with 2021 Rams, the Ford’s A/C is markedly better. 2) Quietness. Ram...
  12. J

    Ram vs semi truck crash.

    Ram did more damage to the semi than I would have expected. Passenger cabin of the Ram looks impressively intact too. Driver did not survive though, so I suspect either unbelted driver or a direct head on collision that reduced cabin intrusion but resulted in ultra-high deceleration forces...
  13. J

    2021 Wrangler loaner vehicle

    95% of people who buy a Wrangler choose it because it looks cool. 5% choose it because it has amazing off road ability and they plan to use it. 0% choose it because it is a particularly good vehicle. Realistically, Stellantis doesn’t make a lot of particularly good vehicles. But they somehow...
  14. J

    New 2022 ram with paddle shifters on steering wheel.

    Our buttons let you lock out gears but don’t let you choose the gear itself.
  15. J

    Lane keep assist on 2021

    It’s lane keep assist, not lane centering. It will not keep you in the center like your suv. It will bounce between the lines.