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Recent content by Jako

  1. J

    Memes and Funny Pictures

    Any day but today! Not on Father's Day. Still funny though.
  2. J

    Happy Father's Day gentlemen...

    All you fathers out there free yourself of those restraints (aka family concerns) and spend some of them kids' inheritance on yourself or your Ram. It is your day after all.
  3. J

    How heavy is too heavy.

    The load for your Ram is based on your options/build, it is posted on the door sticker. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/please-post-your-tire-and-loading-sticker.374/ I have carried over a yard of dirt (7 full large wheel barrows) and a yard of gravel in my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 and have...
  4. J

    First Oil Change 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 5.7L

    I second that.
  5. J

    Keyless entry keypad

    Thanks for the suggestion of "one of those arm band thingies". Need one on the other arm for my eye glasses so I can find and read the phone. I need a 17" laptop if I'm going to read without the glasses. :cry:
  6. J

    Keyless entry keypad

    Snap ring to the belt loop and a halyard attached to the key FOB works for me, no digging into the pocket to retrieve. I try to avoid the cell phone, still remember POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) one phone and vague recollection of a party line. Open my car with a phone, what will they...
  7. J

    Broken power running boards

    Didn't happen without a picture!;)
  8. J

    2x4 slots in the bed

    My 5'7" bed barely makes it for a "slow" Costco run.
  9. J

    Built To Serve

    Same experience except I was looking at Fords.
  10. J

    Oil Preference?

    My dad liked Schaefer too! Bought it by quart back in the day.
  11. J

    Length of the 2 x 4 divider in your bed

    My buddy as an apprentice electrician used to get the scrap copper - could it be coming for the apprentice carpenters to get the scrap lumber?:unsure::eek:
  12. J

    Length of the 2 x 4 divider in your bed

    Show her the prices! https://www.homedepot.com/s/2x4?NCNI-5
  13. J

    OEM Bed divider

    You need both, the rails from the cargo divider attach to the bed rails, I believe. Do some research prior to buying the cargo divider. I believe the cargo divider conflicts with some tonneau covers because of the way they attach on top of the cargo rails. I have seen some reselling of the...
  14. J

    Need help picking tires...

    I tend to believe you need to put it some priority order based on my own past experience. In my case my wife's 2006 Honda Accord had too much road noise from the tires while a passenger. When it came time to replace the tires I purchased based on road noise reduction. The tires I did...
  15. J

    New size tires, now mpg way off

    Went from Pirellis to Firestones and lost mpg with a 1994 Ford Explorer.