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    Are our windshields prone to damage?

    I'm 1 and 1. 1 left, fast lane and 1 right, slow lane Took a hit on my Ram's windshield (ding) in Georgia and I believe it was a Silverado, at about 75 mph. I think it's envy.
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    Bed load

    If the website below is accurate I have carried a yard of gravel numerous times in my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT quad cab with no real issues. It was local roads, approximately 5 mile trip and last time I did it was Oct 2019. I have no problem loading to this weight on occasion, won't do it on a...
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    Bed rails
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    Inconsistent Climate Temperature?

    Not to your degree but their are times when it is not maintaining a consistent temperature and I have to turn the temp dials up or down to get the desired temperature. It is not only the Ram. I have noticed in other vehicles, particularly on long highway trips. Sometimes with a 2006 Honda...
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    Cargo divider with no rambox

    Below is a picture of the non rambox cargo divider. In addition you need the bed utility rails to install this item. The bed rails are included with the Bed Utility Group (BUG) or can be purchased separately for under $300. There are rivit nuts that need to be installed for the rails. Some...
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    Front Air Dam Removal

    You have an interesting and good point. I have a Bighorn and I am not familiar with a Rebel but I believe the Rebel does not have the air dam and in addition has some form of skid plate in the front. I have no idea how the engineers designed air flow just more thoughts on the process.
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    OEM Chrome wheel as a spare

    My steel rim spare is rusting at about 15 months from making contact with the hanger. I'm not sure what would survive unscathed mounted as per OEM.
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    What's the No. 1 thing that disappointed you the most about your truck ?

    My son is graduating from University of Buffalo this semester. Drop out rate is very high, and if you ever heard of some of the average marks on tests you would think twice of going over a bridge. The guy who designed the mud flaps is probably running for political office somewhere in NYC...
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    New around here! First full size truck!

    Leave the decals and wheels. The decals are part of what the BTS edition is about, I welcome the color change to the wheels. If your wife is giving you a push, give her "a round tuit".
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    Anyone done a LEASE yet?

    I have never leased as I keep my vehicles for the long term. I have 3 sons so vehicles just get passed down and 2 of them work where new cars would be a hassle to protect. I also don't like the fine print that would take me the length of the lease to decipher. I understand the benefits and...
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    Key Fob Replacement

    Search doesn't work well for me either. I was able to go through posts that I had responded to. I've had better luck using google to find posts on the 5th gen forum than the forums search engine.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    God Bless Texas, NY state you pay. NY should be called "Taxes". Paid 400 on my rebates.
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    Key Fob Replacement
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    Door dings

    Sorry to hear that about Florida. Things are not any better in NY or NJ. Both brother, sister and wife took hits on their new vehicles in parking lots with carts or doors. I'm fortunate that I have access to other vehicles and motorcycles so I have some control over where the Ram goes and...
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    Key Fob Replacement

    Can not reprogram it is in the owner's manual. There is a thread on this topic. I don't have good luck with the search engine.