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    Standard Coil vs. Air Suspension - my back to back review FWIW

    Driving experience I would think is the combination of ride and handling. My commute is over a gnarly 4-lane mountain road that is a giant slalom of sorts where beamers and teslas rule, but in my mind at least with my airsprung ram in ground hugging aero mode I've got the inside track on the...
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    Standard Coil vs. Air Suspension - my back to back review FWIW

    From my experience I would say yes. On the 5thgens the ride on the coils is more supple than on the air. I've softened my air ride up a bit by adding weight ( topper, boards, etc) and going with 18 inch wheels. If you load it up too much though it gets bouncy. The 4-corner air has been flawless...
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    Anti-Spin Diff vs. E-Locker

    I can't believe that no one here has pointed out that a limited slip differential is way sexier. From My Cousin Vinny:
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    Slight vibration when turning and braking

    So I had the slow speed full turn rumble as reported in several of the posts and it gradually got worse. Noting that it went away as the vehicle warmed I dropped it off at the dealer the night before and left explicit instructions to check for the problem promptly on the first cold start. The...
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    20" to 18"

    If you've got the space its nice to have both. I've got stock 20s for highway, plus a set of 18" rebel take offs bought used on this forum for snow and off road. The 20s provide a harsh, fuel efficient but tight ride. The 18s are floaty, noisy, gas hogs, but awesome off road.
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    2019 RAM 1500 Exhaust leak,

    How could you tell you had a leak?
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    An honest talk about Overlanding

    Yeah, its beautiful. I take back what I said about roof top tents.
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    First Time Towing - 3.21 Gears

    I'm a 3.21 tow guy and it works fine but I wish I'd gotten a 3.92 now that I've upsized the tires. On the other hand I went on a no-tow road trip with my stock 20" tires/wheels and averaged 24 MPG! Life's a compromise.
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    An honest talk about Overlanding

    Is getting the truck level an issue at all? I always wondered how that works off road. Can the tent itself be leveled on an unlevel truck?
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    An honest talk about Overlanding

    Back in the 90s I did a fair amout of dirt biking on BLM land in Utah and Arizona and am blown away now by how the overlanding sport has evolved with all the new gear. I'll grant you that the RTT is over the top both figuritively and literally, but a good deal of the rest of the stuff is pretty...
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    How to remove bed tiedown cleat?

    Yep. Thanks all. I sent back the unit to thespraybox.com . It would have been so cool for my kayaking and surfing activities if it would have fit in that corner.
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    How to remove bed tiedown cleat?

    Seriously? Is the hook welded in place? I tried to use my phone as an inspection camera to see what holds it in place and had no luck. It's got to be bolted in place, right?
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    How to remove bed tiedown cleat?

    I'm putting a wheel well water tank in the rear passenger-side of the bed and the ubolt tie down is in the wsy. Does anyone know how to remove it?
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    DU-HA Humpstor

    11B4X4, Any update on the humpstor? Are you still using it? Do you think it would fit on the front of the bed?