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    Bedrug Install

    No issues on mine without the J-clip....
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    Tailgate Seal?

    Same with every pickup out there. Best bet is to buy a tailgate seal or get a BedRug. Mines bone dry.... just as it was on both my F150s. Added the Bedrug and a bit of caulk in the corners of the cover. For the price the TruXport cannot be beat!
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    DashCam Install

    Check out my similar thread from months ago... I just took out the G1W I had and put in the A129 dual cam - routing the rear cam wire wasn't bad at all. Went around the passenger side of the truck.
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    Fuse panel in the cab Just changed out my dash cam from the G1B to an A129 dual front/rear camera.
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    DashCam Install

    @sticker500 have you bought a dash cam yet?
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    DashCam Install

    Very nice, clean install! Did you buy a rear cam as well? I'll be removing my G1W and installing an A129 in its place shortly. I'll take some pics of the windshield mounting for you. I used a mirror mount with the F150 and G1W - that wouldn't work with the Ram so it's been using the...
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    Delivery Checklist

    Have them fix it or put it on the we owe card. Anything you find before you sign, you'll have more leverage getting fixed quicker. That being said, both my ordered Ram and F150 arrived flawless.
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    Hard-wire Dash Cam Install

    Thanks for your detailed post. I'm circling back to this as I'm tired of my G1W dash cam not retaining the date/time if the truck isn't used in 12-15hrs. Regardless - I just ordered the A129, hardwire kit and CPL filter. Looking forward to installing it. The parking mode will help while my...
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    Uconnect/sirius guardian - does it actually work?

    To update the group, my lock / unlock / start has always worked for me. The locate had been hit and miss but seems to be fixed. I put a call into Sirius Guardian customer service and had my year long free trial extended a few months without too much hassle.
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    Auto Climate Control Fan Speed - Not accounting for engine temp

    Has to be an update for just the 12" screen. Mine has never updated and last I knew it was up to date - confirmed on the website just now. I'm waiting to hear back from others if the HVAC recall/flash fixes it.
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    Auto Climate Control Fan Speed - Not accounting for engine temp

    Last I checked my uconnect was up to it a box you have to check? An option to have it on or off? This bugs the crap out of me as well...never an issue with my F150.
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    Auto Climate Control Fan Speed - Not accounting for engine temp

    Was this for the 8.4" display as well?
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    Air conditioning performance

    The TSB is through trucks build on/after September 20th - very slim chance you have the new update unless you were at a dealer recently and they updated it during a service visit.
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    Opinions on bed liners

    On the F150 you have to cut through it to screw in the 4 tie down system cleats, in two years I never had an issue. Similar to the above poster, it looked new when I took it out of the F150 and sold it. That being said, it wouldn't even fit in the bed properly if you didn't cut the slits for...
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    Opinions on bed liners

    Yes. Cut a slit in the liner when you install it and the tie downs poke thru.