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    Delivery Checklist

    Good luck. Mine was flawless and pretty trouble free over the 20 months I had her.
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    Delivery Checklist

    Nice! Mine is printable, just copied and pasted when I started this thread long ago.
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    Fueling issues

    The trade had nothing to do with the fuel tank issue...actually didn't know it was still an issue until after I had it traded and went to put a few gallons in. Changed from a car allowance to a company vehicle shortly after my ordered Ram came in. Great truck - love it. We opted to sell the...
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    Fueling issues

    To update you guys.... still have this issue. However, traded in my truck so I won't be seeing the tank replacement.
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    2019 ram 1500 hood flexing.

    Looks like hood alignment is off....take it to the dealer. There is also a TSB for the hood flutter, based on build dates. It did not apply to my 5/31/18 built 1500.
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    "New Posts" Issue

    My issue continues to be with the "new posts," as originally described in the original post.
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    Fueling issues

    Thanks. Mine was same day as well....also had two brake TSBs taken care of at that time.
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    "New Posts" Issue

    I only check new posts via TapaTalk i.v my phone now.
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    Anyone attempt the squeaky rear brakes themselves?

    Crossing my fingers...had the TSBs done today. 05-001-19A & 05-002-19. New rear pads, caliper bolts, adapters and the moan kit. Here's hoping!
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    Fueling issues

    Had my repairs done today. Dropped off this morning, picked up after lunch. Does not appear to have fixed the problem. I have the 33 gallon tank and dropped it off on E. Put 10 gallons in after I picked it'll go to 3 gallons before shutting off. The last time I filled it, it was 0.3...
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    Fueling issues

    I'm not sure how lemon law works with leasing but I'd for sure go that route. Not 100% but I'm pretty sure the new body style (DT) has different fuel fill parts compared to the classic (DS), but maybe not as this appears to be an ongoing issue.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Have any before / after side by sides?
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    Why get 12 inch vs 8.4 inch?

    Same here. No issues with it in 18+ months.
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    Radar Detector

    Honestly using the Waze app while driving has been very effective for me. It's rare to see a cop running radar or parked on the highway that I'm not alerted to...and I drove 60,000 miles for work this past year.
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    Water Stained Headliner Near Rear Corner

    Try soaking the area with a clean, wet towel (clean water) where the water line stain is. Dry it quickly with a hair dryer. This worked on fresh water stains.