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    Lost my mind?!?!

    Well, at least with the Limited model, he'll have the fender flares. BTW, I had a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Awesome vehicle!
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    Missing pulley nut?!

    I would think you could simply add a nut if desired.
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    19 RAM 1500

    Welcome! You will find that this is a great forum with lots of information. Enjoy your new Ram. :)
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    Weathertech bed liner

    Looks nice! (y)
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    New baby

    Welcome! What color is your new 2019 Ram? Post some photos when you get a chance.
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    14 for a 19

    Welcome! Plenty of good information on this forum along with great members. Enjoy your new Ram. (y)
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    Paint question

    I like to use Turtle Wax brand White Polishing Paste. It is milder than rubbing compound yet stronger than a polishing wax. Over the years, I have found the Turtle Wax brand to work best. After using it to remove whatever I am trying to get off, I then apply a couple coats of wax.
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    My first truck, and my wife drives it more

    Don't feel bad :cry: Even though my wife usually drives our Durango SRT (I feel sorry for the person driving next to her at the red light. She has a heavy right foot!), She loves to drive our Ram. :D
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome! This is a great forum with lots of good information. Be sure to check out our companion website
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    What I'm currently driving.

    Welcome! As Brian said you should be getting your Ram any day now. When I first met my wife to be, she was driving a 1963 Beetle. It was only four years old at the time. We've now been married 47 years! The Beetle.....who knows?
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    2019 Bighorn

    Welcome! Nice truck. The mods you have done so far look great. (y)
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    New Ram owner from Northern Michigan

    Welcome! Good looking truck in Billet Silver. Enjoy your new Ram and keep warm in those upper parts of Michigan.
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    New Rebel Owner in NJ

    Welcome! You've come to the right forum. Great members and plenty of information. Enjoy your new Rebel.
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    New Member Here

    Welcome, Ty! If you need to know how anything looks, fits, if it can be modified, painted, repainted, raised, lowered, and more, just check with PorBoy. He's done it all! Enjoy your new Ram.
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    First new ram since 2004

    Well, from one Jim to another (Back2gas), I agree with the other members that these new 5th gen Rams are fantastic. Great ride, best interiors, nice options. It will be quite an upgrade from 2004!