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Recent content by CO2

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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Got the bed organized. Not a sexy mod, but functional. I drop the tailgate net for larger objects, which attaches to the Molle panels with carabiners, and keep it raised when i want the smaller stuff to stay in the back.
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    Impressive Gas Mileage

    I am interested to hear more about this. Do you flair into half throttle or do you go right after it from a stop? Do you have eTorque? I read something about eTorque assisting on initial roll out, so I am wondering the best way to maximize that effect. Have others also found that the half...
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    Love it!
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    Running Boards or Not?(Pics Needed)

    I went with the MOPAR TRX rock sliders. I felt for me, they were the right compromise of ease of access, appearance, and construction.
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    Thinking about switching to RAM -objective opinions.

    Thanks- post edited for accuracy!😉
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    Thinking about switching to RAM -objective opinions.

    For clarity, I was saying that the G80 is not the same as a true selectable locker. It is a so-called "automatic locker" that "locks and unlocks" based on its specified conditions, including wheel spin difference (120rpm), max speed (20mph), etc. It locks by use of friction plates, like a...
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    Thinking about switching to RAM -objective opinions.

    So I was in a similar boat as you a few months ago. I wanted a new V8 half ton. I have only bough Ford previously when it came to trucks. After looking at the 2021's from the big three, I bought the first Dodge/ Chrysler vehicle in my life- a Rebel 5.7 eTorque. (I actually tried to find...