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    I need to tame the sub

    What’s the best way to lower the volume (attenuate) the stock Harmon Karden subwoofer (not via the radio equalizer)? is there a variable attenuator (old school L-pad) for this?
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    Ram Care - Free Oil Changes

    The website is false advertising. At present, the program RAMCare only applies to trucks sold in Texas, even though that restriction is stated nowhere.
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    Need a new Bed cargo light

    Thx - do you get any errors or such?
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    Need a new Bed cargo light

    Thx, but $90 per pair (!) Wow, must be amazing. Are there any good options not quite so dear?
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    Need a new Bed cargo light

    Looking to replace my cargo box light (center high mounted over cab) with one that actually sheds some light on the cargo in the bed. Mine shoots straight out, and not down nearly at all. Any suggestions?
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    Eco Mode Indicator Light

    ECO is MDS, and comes on as follows: - engine reaches operating temp - tow haul is off - no gear limit is set - load is less than about 25%, is in gears 4-8 and RPMs > 1000 (or something like that) - stays on until load exceeds 50% - comes back on when load remains less than about 25% for at...
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    Center console function improvements

    Well done! Was gonna do the same thing, but further back, so the cup holders are just in front of the armrest. Thx for confirming the idea wasn’t loony!
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    H&K check all 19?

    On the RAM H&K, all three dash speakers, the top speaker in the front doors and the two speakers in the rear headliner are all the same 2-way (mI’d-range and tweeter). All four lower door speakers are the same one-way bass speakers. The latter are pretty low quality 6x9 paper cone, foam...
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    First oil change advice

    Back in the day, many car manufacturers recommended changing the oil after break-in. I‘ve changed the oil on every new car at 1000 to 2000 mi. Fast forward to new 1500 5.7e now has about 1500mi (trouble-free, I’m very happily surprised to say) and I’m getting the, a couple...
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    Spooked a little by so many complaints here!

    Glad to hear some good reports, for once. I don’t have as many miles, but no problems yet with a 20 Laramie Crew (knock on wood). Quite happy with Lil’ Red... BTW, is your dash digital speed display slightly brown in the middle? If so, its meant to be that way...
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    What's the best bed step functionality option?

    Where might this 20% coupon be found?
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    Steering Wheel Shift Controls?

    Are there any hardware or software mods that allow any of the steering wheel buttons to be used to shift up or down? I know how the Gear Limit switch works, but I'm after commanding an upshift...
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    3.21 vs 3.92: The Last Word

    I also paid the $95, and think everyone is free to decide for themselves, but - mileage in town AND at highway speeds is less (actual experience) - 0-60 performance may be slightly better, but not much - tows better, but under 8k and not in the mountains, not much difference - no difference in...
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    My new 2020 Ram Laramie Off Road

    ...the Crew Cabs are lower than the Quads. Plus all those luxurious doodads we can't live without!
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    Bed utility rail nuts

    Anyone found a bed utility rail nut that fits? My Frontier had Utili-Trak channel that fit standard Unistrut spring nuts. The RAM version is smaller.