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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    I cut some off one side. It was 3/4” higher than other side.
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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    You cut the springs?
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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    take it off. That’s what I did. No issues. I had to before lowering cause my driveway is steep where I come off the road.
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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    mine were only 1” less but lowered 2”. Spring progression must be different.
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    Wind or road noise

    I find it’s quiet unless the wind is blowing. Then it becomes noisy.
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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    mine measured the same. Didn’t measure the stock ones though. I ended up cutting a coil off my passenger side as my truck ended up 1/2” higher than drivers side.
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    does anyone like their ram??

    Best truck on the market in soooo many facets and that’s coming from die-hard GM person. First non GM vehicle other than a 93 mustang gt. I’m at 16,500 miles, one minor issue resolved quickly. Averaging 19.5 and that’s everyday driving with pulling a boat from time/time. No complaints here.
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    3.21 towing with 35” tires

    In tow/haul the computer likes the rpm at 1900. So whatever gear is needed to achieve that is what it’ll stop at.
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    In between lowering kit

    I’ve been waiting for one to come out.
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    Power Sliding Running Boards

    I’ve sent you messages.
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    Thoughts on 305/45/r22

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    Thoughts on 305/45/r22

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    Heat and Etorque

    Whenever the cabin is doing heavy cooling/heating, it renders the start/stop inactive.
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    OEM 22" Tire Options