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Recent content by bill-e

  1. bill-e

    Oil change prices

    No way I'm crawling under my truck and then rotating tires when I can have them do it for $113 or even their normal price of $159 ;)
  2. bill-e

    Oil change prices

    According to Mopar the dealer has to accept it as it is on the computer just like your Maxcare plan. I used 10, $46 changes on my Gen 2 and 2 of the 4 on my Gen 3 with the latest service manager bitching that the loose money on them....what a crock. Mopar entered into a contract with Penzoil...
  3. bill-e

    Oil change prices

    Look into the Mopar.com prepaid oil changes. I bought 4 Penzoil Platinum Euro changes/rotations for $113.75 each ($455).
  4. bill-e

    No ring from truck during incoming call

    Have you deleted the Moto from Uconnect, "Forget" the BT connection on the phone, and then tried to connect it again? Mine, when I had it, always worked fine.
  5. bill-e

    Diesel Fuel and Anti-Gel

    I'd plug my truck in every night just to warm the oil if I wasn't positive that you'd see me driving down the road towing my house behind me connected with the extension Coard.
  6. bill-e

    Are our trucks screwed with 3g going away?

    But it is an interesting question for 4 Gen owners who are 3G
  7. bill-e

    MFT issue...

    Even if you only open the drivers side, open the smaller one and close it as the act of opening the drivers side door causes the sensor in the smaller door to show open. Sometimes just pushing on the top pf the smaller door when it's closed and then closing the larger one works as well. I...
  8. bill-e

    Diesel Fuel and Anti-Gel

    I had a Gen 2 for almost 6 years and now going on the second with the Gen 3. I never plug in the motor, own but don't install the winter cover on my Gen 3, and I only occasionally run additive (mostly for lubricity). It is not unusual to be below single digits F for a week or two at a time...
  9. bill-e

    Diesel Fuel and Anti-Gel

    The Northeast is all on winter blend, you're fine.
  10. bill-e

    2,500 pound payload plus factory air suspension

    Unfortunately there is now a stored error code about the truck being overloaded. I actually had one also which was a glitch in the system since I only had about 200lbs in the back but when I went in for some other service they made sure to bring that to my attention. Someday it may be the...
  11. bill-e

    Limited level one equipment group

    Also, Parksense works great Blindspot works great unless you tow a camper and then it often fails to reset for some timee when a vehicle passes you.
  12. bill-e

    Limited level one equipment group

    2020 Lane keep mostly lets you know when you're going over the line but the "Keep" part of it is not as good as my 2019 Kia which if it wasn't for the warning to put your hands back on the wheel one could let it drive for you. Stop and Go Cruise works great at highway speeds and even on slower...
  13. bill-e

    Remote start not working when cold

    It hasnt been super cold but down to 9°f and my truck sat for a couple of days. I have two devices plugged in that draw power all the time. I saw this thread this morning and remote started my truck though it was a balmy 18°. I suffered from the truck not starting last winter and Idid have it...
  14. bill-e

    Turbo lag / Throttle response

    I have not experienced that on my Gen 3. On my Gen 2 after the EPA flash I experienced it more regularly.
  15. bill-e

    Turbo lag / Throttle response

    I asked because the 3.92 is peppier than the 3.21. I pull a 7k+ camper in the hilly New England region without issue.