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Recent content by bill-e

  1. bill-e

    10K Service Charges seem odd.

    Dealer Def is about $30-40/gal. That's a reasonable price for the oil/filter. The fuel filter drain seems excessive but I had mine changed at my last service and they charged me like $170 (that'll be the last time I let them do that), never had the water drained but how hard could it be...just...
  2. bill-e

    Mopar prepaid oil change plan $252(3x$84)

    I'm pretty sure that if you buy prepaid they have to honor it. It shows up on the computer when they check you in. My dealer complains but honor's it.
  3. bill-e

    Did Dodge change their warranties regarding etorque??

    If you go on Mopar.com you should be able to pull up the specific warranty provisions for your truck including Emissions.
  4. bill-e

    Did Dodge change their warranties regarding etorque??

    Remember that the Emissions warranty is much different and longer for California (And a few other states) than it is for the rest of the US.
  5. bill-e

    New emissions recall for the 3rd Gen diesels

    I've been getting my service and oil changes at this dealership since 2015 and have a very good relationship with the SA and tech. Thanks for the opinion but I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon. With all the stories of dealerships not doing what the customer wants or performing...
  6. bill-e

    New emissions recall for the 3rd Gen diesels

    That's how I feel about my 20...perfectly happy with performance and drivability. And that's the problem, everybody's experience is different so I'm at the "if it ain't broke" phase.
  7. bill-e

    New emissions recall for the 3rd Gen diesels

    Thought this was funny. I drove to my dealer for a State Inspection and when I told the SA this morning that I didn't want the flash she said "You mean that you don't to want to pull out of the lot and have no power" with a smirk, as a nod to what the last EPA flash did to me I'm going to wait...
  8. bill-e

    Any settings to automatically lock the door when you walk away?

    So I have a 2020. My doors dont auto lock unless that's a setting that I've since forgotten about. As far as the tailgate, my tailgate unlocks, just like the front doors, when I touch it with the fob on my person.
  9. bill-e

    Wireless Android Auto not connecting

    If so you can set AA to never sleep and still keep power saving on.
  10. bill-e

    Wireless Android Auto not connecting

    OK, just checking. Did the S9 ever show up in the head unit Projection Manager list? If so did you delete it to completely remove the phone from the head unit and try again?
  11. bill-e

    Wireless Android Auto not connecting

    Wireless Android Auto requires Android 11. Is the S9 at 11?
  12. bill-e

    Dashboad seperating

    Is not that material leather like on the 1500 Limited's? Not an uncommon problem with the 1500, just do a search.
  13. bill-e

    What do the Exhaust valves do and why do they keep running after the truck is off?

    So does mine occasionally, as did my Gen 2. It is possible (and what I always thought) that temperature has something to do with it since if you're not monitoring your regens you can turn off the truck with 1200+° emission components.
  14. bill-e

    Towing experiences

    I towed 10k miles with my '15 EcoD (3.55) and at 3k with my '20 (3.92). The overall experience and mileage is better with the '20 and I just came back from a weekend camping trip of 220mi RT and got 15.6mpg with the '20 and the 3.92. On flat roads I see almost 18mpg towing my 28' Cougar. As...
  15. bill-e

    2021 ram 1500 hood spoiler to keep bugs and rocks away ?

    This is what I use on my 2015 and then 2020. Total driving time is 7 years between the two vehicles and no chips of bugs on the hood.